Jean Clairvoyant

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  Hello, this is JEAN. I am a Clairvoyant, Spiritual Teacher and Reiki master
I offer Private Readings, either face to face or by video + phone during coronavirus. I also offer Reiki courses and healing. I do Psychic Demonstrations and also Clairvoyant parties in your own home (not during coronavirus)

  I am Clairvoyant, (this means that I can see spirit) Clairsentient (I feel spirit) and Clairaudient (I hear spirit).
  I work with spirit guides, angels and sometimes beings from other star systems. This is why my partner and I were drawn to call our website Star Magick.

  I use Tarot and Angel cards, crystals, colours and flowers. Recently the angels have been communicating with me very strongly. I have always believed that we each have a guardian angel and recently felt much comforted and very peaceful when visited by an angel in the night. I was in a dilemma and I prayed to the angels for help about what to do. It is my firm belief that if we do not ask for the angels’ help they cannot assist us. They always respond to our requests but do not always give us the answer or the solution immediately, or in ways that we want, but in ways that are for our highest good. An angel can never grant us something that might interfere with our karma because they cannot work in this way.
  I say believe in love. It is the only thing that matters! See things through rose - coloured spectacles! Ultimately there only exists love and fear. Fear is the opposite to love, it tries to control and squashes love.
  People have always said that I see the world through rose - coloured glasses and that I am ‘too much of a romantic’ and because of this I have sometimes felt hurt and disillusioned by people. This is because I am a sensitive to the extreme, and I embrace this! I have to be sensitive to be a clairvoyant and am very excited to channel messages from beings from the Pink Star system where I believe I originate. These beings want me to teach about love. The most important lesson I've learnt is to love myself enough and embrace my uniqueness.
  After studying a diploma course in counselling my level of clairsentience increased and has at times felt almost unbearable! I have at times felt too sensitive for my own good. Nevertheless I have felt compelled to stay with a process that there is no turning back from, because the Star Elders from the Pink Energy have been working through me and will continue to do so! I have to guide many people back to their true pathway, and help them realise their unlimited potential! I have been told that I can continue to wear the rose -tinted glasses and will always be protected. Sometimes we are all afraid to different degrees but if we operate through love and not fear and embrace a positive attitude, things can be a lot easier. JUST TRY IT AND SEE!
  I have seen spirit since the age of six where I lived in an old house in the country. The lounge always remained very cold in spite of heating it and whenever I did my piano practice in there I could feel ‘presences’.
  I have always struggled with sight reading and my music teacher used to get infuriated with me! She certainly had her work cut out battling through a new piece of music with me! I didn’t think that I was a natural pianist, but she told me that I was her star pupil and seemed convinced that one day I would be a famous concert pianist! Once I had learned the piece the music flowed and I didn't even need the book. I even won two certificates at Northampton music festival. When I was in our lounge on my own and playing that piano I felt as if my hands had a life of their own and I played magnificantly. I could feel the presences with me and I now know it was the spirits of some of the famous composers helping me. Recently a medium at a spiritualist church gave me a message. He said that someone in spirit was asking why I had given up playing the piano because I was meant to be a famous concert pianist in this lifetime.I personally believe that being a concert pianist could have been one of my life choices but I choose not to continue on that pathway.
  I was also experiencing vivid dreams and burning fingertips and palms of my hands (I now know this was the start of my healing abilities) and predicting events. Some of the things were alarming, one dramatic one was when I had a premonition that the man down the road would die. He was young and healthy. He passed away suddenly two days later.
  When I was about fourteen, I used to go bell ringing with some friends and often felt spirit presences in the churchyard. I began to feel these presences in other rooms in the house and see shadowy forms on the landing. I felt quite alarmed by my awareness of spirit and decided to shut it out at the time.
  In 1996, I discovered Leamington Spiritualist church where I finally found an outlet for my gifts. The first time I attended I received a very powerful message from my mum telling me that I had come to the right place. Fascinated by my message (telling me facts which only I could possibly know) I started attending the development circle where I was receiving accurate messages from spirit. I was very soon asked to work in spiritualist churches as a medium. There has been no holding me back since!

  We are all spirit in a human existence and we can all lift our energies and our awareness of the spirit world if we desire. It is just a case of believing and letting go and letting ‘God’ so to speak.
              THE LAW OF ATTRACTION is a Spiritual law and affects all of us.
  I have studied a lot about and work with the law of attraction. I say “BELIEVE in the best possible outcome for anything“ IMAGINE what you want, BELIEVE that you DESERVE it and YOU CAN GET IT - SEE IT , - FEEL HOW YOU’D FEEL WHEN YOU GET IT and you can ACHIEVE IT! Negative thoughts will only block your progress because we always get what we think about and focus on.

Online video or phone readings available during covid restrictions. Jean's What's App name is Jean Wilmshurst and Messenger name Jean Clairvoyant.

After choosing your reading, please contact Jean to arrange the date and time of your appointment. Phone or text 07817065613, or email