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Thank You to those of you who took me up on last years  offer of a free reading if you agreed to your reading being displayed on my website. In return for your free
readings I now have some valuable material to put on my website to show others
how I work!

First Question

Hi, I am more than happy for this information to be shared, given it will be a free service.

My name is Emma and I've hit rock bottom and my life has become stagnant, a lot has happen this year and I'm just wondering if my run of bad luck will change.

I'd like to know about money, love and stability, I have met someone totally new so would be interested to know if that will go anywhere.

Kind Regards


                                           Jean's Answer

Dear Emma,

As I tune in with you I feel the energy shifting already. You are always in your own power though - no matter what is happening with other people or events outside you, so it is really important to only focus on what you want and affirm it as if it were already true. Do not think about what you have left behind or what you no longer want because if you do you are telling 'the universe' that is what you want. In other words we attract what ever we think about and focus upon in the present moment so focus on a run of good luck.

As far as your relationship is concerned I feel that has the potential to become a permanent relationship although I feel it is important for you to retain your independence and identity, love yourself and nurture within yourself what you would like to attract in the 'mirror of relationship' do not dwell on a past relationship. you need to be stable and grounded in yourself first then no matter what anyone does , - you cannot be affected.

I sense a new job opportunity coming up for you. Focus on what you'd like in a job and affirm "I have the perfect job right now". You need to seize the opportunity of this when it comes up - you are ready! I feel this will lead to a rise in salary but also you have an addition amount of money coming in from another source, maybe you are having some money returned that you lent someone.

Remember be assertive and put yourself first then your 'cup' will be full to give energy to others. Please send me an email with your feedback from the reading.

Love and Light and I hope this has helped


                                  Emma's Feedback

Hi Jean

I'm a total believer of getting what you focus on, some times that can be hard when your having a hard time, however I now feel that I have come out of the other side, and with your kind words of wisdom I now feel stronger.

Thank you very much

Please feel free to use my name



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