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      I offer a variety of readings to suit your time and purse.
Beat the Credit Crunch with my new Value reading £15 for 15 mins,  Standard reading £25 for 30 mins, or a Life Path reading £39 for one hour - this is an in depth life appraisal and can use a blend of the readings described below. 
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   Have a LIFE PATH reading to help you find clarity in your life and discover who you really are and what YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE. To help you move through the confusion and to find your spiritual pathway and rediscover your true self. 

Somewhere inside you know who you really are. This is not always the person you present to the world. You may have built up defence mechanisms and methods of coping with situations, from your past, which may not be helping you in the present. Find out how to release old worn out thought patterns and behaviours which may be blocking your path to future happiness.



All the readings listed below are £39 for an hour, £25 for 30 mins or £15 for 15 mins and can be mixed and matched JUST FOR YOU.


 Spirit Readings   receive messages from spirit guides and loved ones.

 Tarot Readings   using the Greek mythic deck 

 Angel Readings   messages of love, advice and comfort from the angels

 Love readings   channelled from the elders of the Pink Star system! Receive your own piece of Rose Quartz - the love crystal - imbued with love and healing energies 

 Crystal readings   to help you find clarity in your life. Free crystal with your reading

 Colour Readings   discover a whole world of colour and find how it can change your life

 Reiki  readings/ healing / chakra analysis 


Here is a more detailed description of what I give in my Life Path readings. It is a truly magical spiritual experience!


I am a Clairvoyant, Spiritual Counsellor, Life Coach, Reiki Master/healer and Spiritual teacher. I use my skills as a trained counsellor to help you explore your life path. I am an empathic person who comes from the heart. When you have a life path reading with me I channel directly from spirit and the angels.

The reading lasts one hour and begins with me holding your hands briefly in order to tune in with you. I ask you to close your eyes and focus on your loved ones in spirit or what is going on in your life. The messages can be from your spirit friends and relatives or spirit guides and angels and the relevant ones come through who can help you the most at this time of your life.

While I am holding your hands you will also receive Reiki healing which will flow to where it is needed and your higher self will determine the outcome. I use my x ray Reiki vision which shows me where there are any blockages in your energy field and centres (chakras), and during the reading I advise you how to help unblock it. I often suggest meditations and crystals.

I encourage you to listen to your own gut feelings about spiritís advice to make your best decisions.

I help you to self empower to go forward in life and manifest what you desire using positive affirmations and cosmic ordering.

I work clairvoyantly, which means that I see spirit in my mindís eye, also clairsentiently, which means I feel spirit and feel anything going on with you. I also work clairaudiently, this means I hear loving messages from spirit and the angels which come into my mind.

Next I will ask you to choose three crystals to work with. I have a special guide who works with me through the crystals called Bill who was a crystal healer when he was on the earth plane and also my Reiki master. Bill guides us so that the crystals you choose, or that I prescribe will be the most beneficial for you, These crystals have health properties for your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

After spiritís initial advice I will ask you if there is anything you wish to focus on or if you have any questions. I can then tune in deeper and work with tarot or angel cards if you wish which will reflect out spiritís and angelic messages of love and light.


Face to face readings

     I offer face to face readings at my home near Coventry. Come with a few friends and take advantage of my new 15 min readings to avoid waiting time

Phone, Email + Skype readings

I also offer telephone and email readings + Skype readings all over the world! Please phone/text or email to book an appointment. 
You can pay directly from our Bookings page using your PayPal 
account or credit/debit card.
If you're registered with Pingit you can now pay straight from your bank using your smartphone! To register your phone + bank account just go to  My mobile no is: 07817065613.
Or pay by
Bank Transfer to O. J. Wilmshurst, Sort Code: 05-05-58, Ac. No: 45510054

You may also pay by cheque, allowing time for the cheque to clear before your appointment. Please make cheques payable to: O J Wilmshurst and send to: 7 Millennium Way, Wolston, Coventry, CV8 3PE

Clairvoyant Parties

   Party groups can be arranged at your home within my local area. As long as the group is at least 5 people I do not charge travel expenses within 10 miles of my home, £2 a mile thereafter (only for outward journey)

Notes for using Bookings Page

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Please phone me on 02476545643 or 07817065613, email: or go to the Contact Us page for all my other details.

If you would like to see some samples of my work, please go to my Spiritual Agony Aunt pages 1 + 2 (hover your mouse over 'Readings' on the right to find these)

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