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 Have you felt the new energy that's around us all lately?  It's a very special time in the evolution of our Earth.
While you may not be consciously aware of it, it is affecting us all.
Have you noticed how many people are confused, their lives changing dramatically. Relationships splitting up, 'Jobs for Life' meaningless as so many are made redundant. It may seem that the pace of life has got so fast it's all getting out of control.
 Powerful new energies and light vibrations are surrounding us all now, encouraging us to take stock of our lives. To let-go of old habits that have been holding us back from living our lives to the full.
 We have created this website to help you assimilate these new energies into your lives. To help you find your way through the confusion and emerge as your True Selves.
 We offer help and encouragement every step of the way.
 With articles about the New Energies and the new Spirituality written by us and others who have begun to wake up and hear the call to a new way of living.
 With Life Path Readings by Jean, who brings her Clairvoyant and Channeling abilities to help you make sense of your lives. To help you discover who you really are and what you want out of life.
 With Workshops on Crystal + Angel Awareness, Spiritual + Personal Development to help you tap into your own power + realise your full potential.
 With courses in Reiki Healing to teach you to heal yourselves and others. To help you use the powerful new energies to transform your lives.
 With a Readers Inspiration page, encouraging you to contribute with your own experiences, ideas, spiritual encounters, articles, poems and artwork.
 With special Meditation Times when you can all join in with us to focus on Healing our Earth, using the new energies to help raise the vibration of Her and all who live upon Her.
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Star Magick is the creation of Jean and Sue (shown top + bottom) inspired by the Star Beings Sue_5              
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