Reach for the Stars

Have you ever wondered if this is all there is?

There is so much out there in the Universe that we’ve yet to discover. Whole Galaxies, Star Systems - Civilisations?!  Maybe even other ‘Universes’ - other Dimensions.

Both Jean and I have received extensive channelling at different times in our lives, suggesting that there is a whole Multiverse out there.

We have been told that space and time are only limited in our ‘three -dimensional’ world - and that in a multi-dimensional ‘multiverse’ space and time are just 2 elements among many. That we can instantly travel vast distances across our Universe, or even inter-dimensionally, through ‘tunnels’ which cut across space/time.

When we first met we found that we had both seen these tunnels, made of a kind of white cloud-stuff in a tube-shape. I first saw them in 1977, Jean in 2001. When Jean told me what she had seen I knew that we were destined to work together. To channel this wisdom we were both receiving and communicate it to the world. To open-up pathways to new dimensions so that others could follow.

Back then in 2001 I had only just acquired an ancient computer + was still learning how to use a mouse! But I had a vision of creating a Spiritual website to bring this channelling to the world.

We soon found we had other ideas in common. Both of us were aware of a ’Pink World’. A place suffused by an atmosphere of love and harmony we could hardly imagine here on Earth. Jean has received so much information about the place in recent years that she now believes she has lived there. That she comes from this Pink Planet in a Star System which may even be in a different dimension. That she is here to bring LOVE to this world

I know I have visited the place many years ago, or even in past lifetimes, but I don’t think I actually come from there. I am tuning in more and more to a ’Blue’ place - where the people (beings) are tall and made of a kind of Blue Energy, less dense than on Earth. A place of infinite wisdom, truth and understanding.

I hope to bring more of this wisdom, this amazing ’Blue Energy’ to this planet. To raise the vibrations and consciousness of Earth. To Cleanse and Heal this planet and the whole of Humanity.

We believe that the Earth is going through a very special time in Her evolution and that many people have chosen to be re-incarnated here at this time to assist in this. To help raise her vibrations radically, so that she may be synchronised with the Galaxy around her and take her rightful place in the Universe.

Some of us have lived in Atlantis and have learnt the lessons of its fall and have come to help Earth avoid a similar crisis. Some have come from distant star-systems and civilisations who wish to help. Many are not aware of their origins, but somehow have always known there must be more than this.

We believe Earth is surrounded by light-beings at this time, lifting the energy of Earth and all who live on her. If we reach out with our hearts and minds we can join with them in this joyful task.

We have set aside a special time every week to send out Healing to the Earth and raise her vibrations. If you would like to join in, please go to our Earth Healing page. There is a photograph of a special Quartz Crystal which we will have in the centre of our circle. If you like you can use this as a focus, knowing that your loving thoughts will be amplified as you join with us.

The meditation time is 7pm - 7.30pm every Friday. If you cannot join with us at this particular time, you can send out your thoughts at any time which suits you. All thoughts and wishes count, and we always keep the crystal in our Healing Room, cleansed and attuned to Healing the Earth.

                                                                                                                                                     by Sue






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