Crystal                                   Earth Healing

 Please join with us to send out Healing to the Earth and Raise her Vibrations and those of All Beings

 Here is a photo of the special Quartz Crystal that we use for our meditations. We will have it at the centre of our monthly circle and you are invited to use it as a focus, knowing that your loving thoughts will be amplified as you join with us.

     Our special Meditation Time is 7.30 - 7.45pm every Thursday. If you cannot join with us at this particular time, you can send out your thoughts at any time which suits you. All thoughts and wishes count, and we always keep the crystal in our Healing Room, cleansed and attuned to Healing the Earth.

If you have anyone who you would like to add to our Healing Book to receive distant healing, please go to our Healing Book Page (hover mouse over Healing in the list on the right) 




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